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The Story Behind Hindi Samaaj

Hindi Samaaj was founded in 1993. For first 5 years the activities were limited to cultural and social function. In Febraury 
2009 then Hindi Sammaj president Mr Dev Tripathi founded hindi school after lobbying for a grant of $10.000 from NSW government.

Today school is offering following generic programmes and activities

Learning strategies that can be used across year levels but has the potential for interaction between different levels:


Students are involved in

  • Write and present their work – peer review
  • Review their work
  • Publish their work.
  • Published work: school reading materials.


Wide variety of materials is needed to encourage students to read.

  • Instructions – travel
  • Recipes – cooking
  • Organise a book stalls
  • Who reads most number of stories – competition
  • Record their own readings
  • Social gatherings
  • School programmes – for family, guests & general public

Encourage participation in activities that assist in the development of language.

  • Poetry
  • Compering
  • Plays – drama
  • mime
  • dance
  • singing

About Hindi Samaaj

Hindi Samaaj is a registered not-for-profit organisation and is actively engaged in teaching and promoting Hindi language, and also disseminating India’s cultural values among the local community. Established in 1989, today Hindi Samaaj has a number of trained teachers who teach Hindi to young children. Hindi Samaaj enjoys enormous support from parents who take pride in working closely alongside teachers to achieve the objectives of Hindi Samaaj.

We cater for children from 6 years to young adults who are 17 years old. We are working with the community organization in Sydney to set up introductory Hindi for adult’s classes too. 

In addition to the structured curriculum for Year levels 1 – 5, we provide a variety of experiences which support the students’ personal growth and to develop their ability to relate to members of their own community and the wider Sydney community. We endeavour to create opportunities for students to actively participate in community activities

Our management committee consists of highly motivated and talented members who are responsible for taking the school into the future and keep adding new dimensions. 

  Our objectives:

  • To encourage the use of Hindi language
  • Promote appreciate and enjoyment of Hindi language, Literature and culture.
  • Propagate the virtues of Hindi Culture for the sake of posterity.
  • To contribute to the maintenance of Hindi language as our Mother Tongue
  • To promote a positive attitude towards learning Hindi language and bilingualism
  • To engender cultural awareness and positive self-identity among youth in Sydney
  • To widen and strengthen the cultural and social networks of children, youth and adults in Sydney

Community Activities:

In order to inculcate cultural values of India among children, we organise and also participate in a variety of community activities such as Holi,Bal Divas,India Australia friendship fair (15th August celebration)and other land mark events, the multicultural festival and the Diwali mela. We also participate in fundraising activities for the community groups. When there are opportunities to participate in educational displays, we actively participate there too.

Our curriculum has room for involving the young and the old from the community who share their special skills in music, art and drama.

For more information contact Hindi Samaaj Management

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